The Canadian adventure Act II-045

Bon voyage

Five hundred and Ten days have passed since my first wordpress post.  Five hundred and Ten days have been since i first left Australia. My journey started Five Hundred and Ten days ago. Tomorrow i will begin where i left off as i head back to the great white north.  My quest continues to know nothing about nothing. The freedom of solo travel pushes me further then anything else i have experienced. I write these word as i bob and nod to old school punk music. My Steelers Terrible towel is safely packed away ready for another adventure. Being home for Three and a half weeks has taught me how lucky i am. I caught up with my immediate family and friends sharing a tonne of laughs that were overdue. At the same time i have literately done nothing. I apologize if i did not get the chance to catch up during my short stay. I plan to be home next year well i have to be home next year as my Canadian visa expires. The last three weeks in Australia have been great to recharge my batteries and refresh my system. There was absolutely no way i could of fulfilled my Two year Canadian visa straight through. I would missed out on my mothers ear piercing scream as i surprised her for her birthday. Who dares tins featuring Mike Whitney would of never been brought up while pre-drinking on the way to a night out in Newcastle with my best friends. These are the small things in life that make me smile everyday. I’ll miss these times once again as i am away for about Seven months but the journey continues on.

A Short slide show(Home)

Thank you as always for reading about my journey. I’ll be arriving in whistler soon enough to report more stories. The link below is my first ever post.

-Onward to whistler-

The Canadian adventure-001




2 thoughts on “The Canadian adventure Act II-045

  1. Exciting to be off again Mark. Also a bit easier ( I think) for your parents now, knowing that your back again in 7 months.
    Poor Arch though – he doesn’t understand.
    I am sure the transition to your new job and venue will be a good experience.

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