150th Canada day in Whistler-046

Happy 150 Canada!

19601211_1802537183096039_9058728116867833636_nThe Canadian flag high above the crowd between the north and south sides of Whistler village.


A beautiful day in Whistler as the parade rolled on past. People lined up on either side to catch a view of the spectacle. I arrived late as i stupidly ordered a refreshing ice coffee but in the end it was well worth my time. A quick shout out to the girl who made my order as she was cool calm and collected making up to Thirty drinks.


Taking cover under a tree a glimpse of the parade and its magnificent Canadian themed cake. The sun started to heat up and i had huge day planned outside so the chance for shade was welcoming.




Joining the end of the parade was really cool listening to bag pipes and drums. Walking with them for about One hundred meters and then a quick exit stage left.

Crossing over a river to visit my new workplace Fairmont Whistler.


Canada day 150 years in the making was a great day to celebrate with perfect weather. My journey so far is definitely hard again for myself starting in a new place. The next few weeks should begin to settle and start to do more activities. When that happens i will be writing a lot more.

  • By anychance could anyone please report back to me and tell me if my video works?


Thank you as always


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