Five photos Whistler:047

A week has flown by since i arrived into Whistler. This time last week i disembarked the greyhound bus, grabbed my bag and headed for my staff accommodation. A new start is always hard and i reached out to a few of my friends and family for advice. My first week alone in a new town has been difficult and i thank everyone for their kind words. Here is a top five list of photos from Whistler.


Main stage in downtown Whistler village


Lost lake


A river outside of town


A bridge connecting Whistler village to Whistler Blackcomb mountain



Biking the trails through Lost lake park


I have yet to begin to discover the wonderful town of Whistler. Once i start work in the next few days everything should start to click and come together. This very moment i am feeling a tad bit lost but that is expected with the new start. Whistler so far looks to be a beautiful part of Canada.




2 thoughts on “Five photos Whistler:047

  1. These new starts maybe good practice for Japan Mark.
    Just think your mums’ friend Alison was close by although now on an Alaskan cruise.

    Even my recent first week or two at the gym I felt like a fish out of water navigating the classes and timetables. Now I find it hard to believe I felt so new.
    Soon you will be part of the work culture again and back into a daily routine.

    Hope your only working 5 days so you can continue exploring on days off.

    Saw a photo on F/B of Arch (with your ex neighbours at the park ? today).
    He certainly looked as though he owned that path and good to see him without his coat on. We have had some lovely sunny days.

    Interesting photos. Alison has also posted good Canada photos which no doubt you have seen.

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