Why NatureBird?-048

Why do i use the nick name NatureBird as my Blogging identity?

Firstly I like to think the name sounds really cool and smooth. Secondly  I believe it is fun to have an alter ego to  differentiate yourself from other bloggers. My real name is Mark and I easily could of had a name like “markonthemove”. Quickly I realized that “Markonthemove” sounded brilliant and maybe I could switch names. I then brought up google and without a shadow of a doubt there was already a blog using that name. Ah, well I guess I will have to stick with NatureBird or I may also go in the direction of my Instagram NaturebirdTravels. The full name is implying that I love to travel and my pictures speak louder then words as I fly all over the world. The reason why I use NatureBird as my blogging identity is simply because I had no idea what to call my blogging site.


What is the origin of NatureBird and who made up the name?

The origin comes from my playstation gamer tag identity. NatureBird was the name i chose while used playing games online with or against other players. This name was not my first choice as i wanted to call myself “Bluethunder”. However i made a huge mistake that went unnoticed for weeks.Day after day i would login into my playstation account to cause havoc with my sweet sounding Bluethunder persona. Until a class mate of mine in school pointed out a simple error. What i  perceived my name as Bluethunder was deemed to be completely wrong. The conversation started off like most did in high school as we talked about games and the weather, you know kid stuff.  The next words out of Pencil breaker’s mouth ruined my day and shifted my life forever. We gave him the nickname Pencil breaker because his cringed razor bladed voice box made you want to break pencils. I hear him begin to talk and say my name, quickly i reached for the nearest pencil. There were times you grabbed what ever you could even if it wasn’t of your own possession.  The next few minutes Mr Breaker explained that my unbelievable gamer tag was all a hoax. My name i was using to dominate other games online was bluthuder. The letter “N” was missing from a once great idea of a gamer tag. My world crashed before my eyes and hurtful ears.


The school day rolled on as normal a class here a Simpsons reference there. During the schools lunch break i turned to my good friend for advice on what to do about my playstation gamer tag. Of course as expected he laughed at my failed attempt of spelling Bluethunder. Once the laughs proceeded to fade away he was more then helpful in choosing my new name. A name that would stick with me forever and hopefully one day own a travel company. Only one can aspire to dream such big things as that but maybe in Ten years time you are walking around the city of New York in Naturebird  designed sweater. The name Naturebird can be broken up into two parts. The first part and word Nature comes the iconic WWE American Wrestler Ric Flair the “Natureboy”. The Natureboy was by far my favorite wrestler out of all the stars. His charismatic chant of Woooooooo fired you up beyond belief. The second part and also second word bird comes from a strange concept my friends made up. I was a tall skinny kid during my high schooling years and for some reason my friends yes i repeat my friends thought i walked like a puppet. This is the part where everything gets weird but then suddenly clicks. The late puppet themed televison show “Thunderbirds ” reminded my friends i had the same characteristics. I questioned my friend all day on what i should do about a new name for my gaming account. His response was simple as he combined the two names together. My hero Ric Flair the Natureboy and my puppet like structure as a Thunderbird unified as one to create “Naturebird”


Thank you once again for reading. I have had alot of time of not working right away so i have been reading and writing trying enhance my skill.






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