A lemon theory-049


When life gives you lemons most people make lemonade. Well for some reason when life gives me lemons i contemplate what to do them. Do i make lemonade for myself or be generous and make a jug for everyone. I question the lemons origin as in where did it come from, how did it grow up and what was the lemons purpose in life. Were these said lemons supposed to be squeezed beyond doubt and drank sip by sip as the sun rays scorch from above. Maybe their role in life was a more visual representation such as a fruit basket. A few lucky lemons might find themselves playing a side roll on a cocktail glass in Hawaii. Maybe, however at the end of the day their just lemons. The way they are used wont change anything. The sun will still rise and stars will continue to shine bright at night. My perception of this question scares me the most as i make up thousands and thousands of uses for lemons. When in reality i should just sit back and enjoy my ice cool glass of refreshing lemonade.



“I’m not here, I’m not anywhere, I’m beyond what is normal”



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