A postcard from Whistler-050

50th post.

In celebration of my Fiftieth word press post. I would like to offer the blogging community a chance to win a small prize. I have been blogging for about a year and half. Some days i really like it and want to create awesome content at the same time i have lacked in effort due to working and other commitments. I am happy with my journey so far and the stories being told. I have learnt in my short writing career to never force any material. My creative mind can either flow like water of a ducks back as he dwindles his  little webbed feet below the waters edge. The opposite will tend to happen however if i force my self to write.When i feel like i am creating content with no true meaning it is exactly the same as banging your head against a wall. There is no point and why would you bother to attempt such an act. I have also learnt that my writing must be genuine. Honesty is an attractive trait to bring in an audience. Honesty is also the only way to i like to write as it unravels the true self. On the other side of the coin i have so much to improve on. My grammar, spelling and overall writing skills need to develop. Lacking in these areas will never deter me from writing stories. In fact it drives me to only get better. Hopefully in the next coming weeks i can join a writing class at my local library.

Golden gate bridge- San Fransico, United States of America



How can you win a souvenir from whistler?

  1. Comment your WordPress account or blog on this post along with your name and email address.
  2. Follow my WordPress account naturebird@wordpress.com.
  3.  That’s all folks do those two things for a chance to win.
  4.   I will contact the winners by email.


What do you win?

I will be sending a post card from Whistler British Columbia Canada along with a small gift.

What is my aim and reason for this contest?

Firstly i would like to give back to people who take their time to read my blogs. Secondly i would like to see how far these postcards travel and where they end up in the world. Thirdly this is a good opportunity to grow my blog and also grow your blog. When you receive my postcard maybe you could re-blog the experience. Be creative, make up a story on how you received the letter or just say a random guy sent me a post card from Whistler. Either way its an entertaining quick read. Lastly this is just something i want to do.

How many people will receive a post card?

  • Five people- 
  • Five people who comment first with their name,wordpress account or blog URL and email address.
  • The first five people must follow my word press account

When will the postcard contest end?

The contest will end on the first day of August. 01-08-17.


  • A great way to be apart of the blogging community.
  • If you participate you will receive a free gift in the post.
  • If you are already a follower of my blog you are eligible to participate.
  • Have fun with this idea and email or comment any questions.


Thank you so much for reading hopefully i’ll be sending you a post card in the near future.


The Grand Canyon- Arizona, United States of America
Galena bay- British Columbia, Canada
Lost Lake- Whistler,British Columbia,Canada

3 thoughts on “A postcard from Whistler-050

  1. Your getting even more creative Mark.
    Next you will asking a local company for some sponsorship to fund competition within the blogging community?

    I must say that you put way more effort into documenting your travels than me. Often I start a simple diary but never get far with that.

    One girl I met years ago on a long walk was a painter and she painted a very small picture each day of her trip as a reminder. I like that idea.
    Funny but if I take photos of meals away I often remember the place etc easily.

    Good way to meet other local if you get to do the library writing course. Library’s are amazing places these days as they offer so much.

    Your mum should do well in this competition. I only remember her being good at Maths at school however she seems to excel with the written word to.

    Photos look good.

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