Goodbye Canada-051

Goodbye cool thanks see you later.

Money does not buy you happiness but it sure makes it easier to travel. My journey here in Canada has come to an abrupt end. I had desired to live the next Six months in Whistler and finish my Canadian work visa. The last few days having deep thoughts about leaving Canada and returning home for good.  Well today i took my first steps towards the certain path of home. This was absolutely not an easy decision but i cant go back on my word. In two weeks time I’ll gather my gear and pack my terrible towel safely in my backpack. My Canadian journey will come to end but my travels in this world are just getting started. At this point in time of my life i need home, I need to feel comfortable and most of all i need my family. Maybe in the future i will regret not staying the full two years. On the flip side i have grown a lot as a person and learnt many skills. I am by far the fastest dish washer in North America but on a serious note maybe i will save up and drive cross country and explore Australia. Quickly would like to thank my friends and family for their kinds words as i must annoy them on constant basis with my non- issues. So here we go, to quote the famous poet Robert Frost once more. Take the road not taken, well i certainly did not think i would be home this early when i left Australia for the second time. Their is value in any path or direction you travel in life along as your traveling you’ll be happy.


Thank you so much reading as always. The next two weeks i will go into detail about my whole Canadian experience.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Canada-051

  1. You got to go with your gut instinct Mark and if it’s to leave early so be it.
    When it comes down to it only you will remember your initial plan and plans change.
    It’s our right to be change our mind and adapt to new plans.
    Arch can’t wait to see you …

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