My Quotes

“I’m not here, I’m not anywhere I”m beyond what is normal”

“The world around us is just faces and a whole lot of noise. Who will you meet and what sound will you create.”

“Write as if nobody is reading and everyone is dancing”

” No hour is wasted, with a pen in hand and mind to wander”

“Leave nothing to chance, be the opposite of one in a million”

“Clear mind, Full Heart, Walk Tall”

“I search the night sky to not find the brightest star but to find my own.While the top of my heart continues to beat with endless smiles”

“I’m destined to be great because I choose to be”

“Don’t try to be somebody else, just be you twice as much”

” It’s the dream I’ve never had but an idea of many dreams”

” It’s cold but not that cold, I’m in pain but it’s not that painful. All while i listen but I’m not that aware”

“Life is like a never ending movie. There are boring parts and exciting times however the most important part is you are the star and your own director. Choose the way your script is written and perform how you want to be”