A quick guide to Canada(Work Visa)- 055

Welcome to the great white north.Home of the stereotypical friendly Canadian and their pet Moose. A smile along with a firm handshake or comfortable hug are critical with their greeting process. At the end of every interaction most Canadians will end their conversation with a thank you, paired with a slang term such as; Guy,buddy,pal … More A quick guide to Canada(Work Visa)- 055

NFL-Week 3 Pittsburgh Steelers VS Chicago Bears.

Week Three: Steelers 2-0 VS Bears 0-2 Hang on to your Terrible Towels Steeler Nation. The Pittsburgh Steelers are storming into Chicago, Illinois also known as the “Windy City”. Today’s match-up on paper looks like you could easily  chalk it off as a W.  The Steelers look strong by starting their season at 2-0. While … More NFL-Week 3 Pittsburgh Steelers VS Chicago Bears.

The Grouse Grind-054

The Preparation The Grouse Grind trail is located in North Vancouver British Columbia.  Grouse mountain is home to alpine skiing in  the winter months and a hikers dream during summer. Reading  reviews on face book before attempting the “Grind” mixed ideas ran through my mind. The number of steps the grind covers is unbelievable with … More The Grouse Grind-054

Goodbye Canada-051

Goodbye cool thanks see you later. Money does not buy you happiness but it sure makes it easier to travel. My journey here in Canada has come to an abrupt end. I had desired to live the next Six months in Whistler and finish my Canadian work visa. The last few days having deep thoughts … More Goodbye Canada-051